This site is devoted to vintage music from the early decades of the 20th Century. It is my hope that this site will help further the creation of a new generation of enthusiasts for an exciting, vibrant and, sadly, all but forgotten era of American popular culture.

Current Projects
The following projects are being actively maintained and updated

Radio Dismuke

Radio Dismuke is a 24 hour Internet Radio Station playing 1920s & 1930s popular music and jazz. 

In 2016 I transferred ownership of Radio Dismuke to a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization Early 1900s Music Preservation which is responsible for and funds its ongoing operations.  I remain actively involved with the station and continue to be responsible for programming, audio restoration of vintage recordings and the behind the scenes technical duties that keep the station online.

Musical Notes

This is a repository for content that Radio Dismuke and Early 1900s Music Preservation share though their social media sites.  Here one can enjoy vintage recordings from my own personal collection as well as number of extremely rare recordings that have been donate or otherwise made available to Early 1900s Music Preservation.

Archived Projects

The following projects are no longer being updated or maintained.  However, they will continue to remain available through this archive.

Dismuke's 78 RPM Blog

Features vintage recordings from a wide variety of musical genres from my personal 78 rpm record collection.  I updated this blog on an occasional, as time permitted basis between 2011 and 2015.  As much as I enjoyed putting together the postings I simply had too many other higher priority commitments to justify further updates.  The content, however, never goes out of date so there are a lot of great recordings for those who are discovering it for the first time to explore.

Dismuke's Message Board

This message board provided those who enjoyed Radio Dismuke and this site an opportunity to meet and interact. Discussions about any aspect of the early 20th century and its popular culture were welcome.

For a few years, this board was quite active and enjoyed a core group of members who regularly posted interesting information and engaging conversation.

Unfortunately, there was a period where spammers were developing automated bots faster than message board software providers were able to keep up with.   Ever increasing volumes of spam postings and fake user registrations made the administrative work of maintaining the board increasingly burdensome. 

While the board is no longer active it remains online as many of the postings are interesting and informative.  It continues to receive a lot of traffic, though these days it comes as a result of search engine inquiries.

                            Hit of the Week

Dismuke's Hit of the Week

The Hit of the Week section of this site was updated between 1999 and 2010.   Recordings posted prior to late 2003 were digitized without the audio restoration equipment I subsequently acquired.  Audio files are in Real Audio format only - the mp3 links in the later postings no longer work. While RealAudio is no longer in widespread usage, one can still download the RealPlayer software needed to play the files.

                            Virtual Talking Machine

Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine

Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine was the original name of this entire website.  What is archived here under the name is the original portion updated between 1998 through 1999.   The Virtual Talking Machine was among the early websites to stream vintage recordings and received favorable write ups and reviews from several major media organizations.   All recordings in this section are in Real Audio format.  While RealAudio is no longer in widespread usage, one can still download the RealPlayer software needed to play the files.

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