About Email To Dismuke

    I get a lot of email from the many people who visit my site.  I love receiving it and I read all of it.  Unfortunately, due to the volume and my busy schedule, I am not always able to write back.  So, if you send me an email, or have sent one in the past and did not get an answer, PLEASE do not look upon my lack of a response as some sort of slight.  I simply do not have the time to answer every email.  That does not mean that if you send me something, I will not write back.  I may or may not - it all depends on how busy I am.

    There have been some who have suggested that good etiquette requires me to respond to every email I receive.  If that were the case, I would have no choice but to either discontinue the site or simply not publish my email address.  

    Those who have questions are advised to first check out my FAQ. This is especially true if you have a question about the value of 78 rpm records.  Unfortunately, I am not in a position to be of much help in this matter beyond the general advice I offer in the FAQ.  My primary interest is in acquiring 78 rpm records - not selling them. When I do acquire them, I always try to pay a little for them as I can.  As a result, about the only time that I pay close attention to a record's market value is when I am looking for something specific and have no choice but to bid in an auction in order to get it.

    Again, I do not wish to discourage people from sending me emails.  Whenever I receive an email from someone who enjoys the music, it brightens my day.  It is always nice to know that there are other people out there who value some of the same things that I do.  I am especially grateful to those who have spotted errors I have made in my notes about the various featured selections or who have provided me with additional background material.

    As you have probably guessed by now, I have received several nasty letters from people upset because I did not respond to their emails.  It is possible that there are others who are similarly upset but did not write me about it.  Hopefully, this will help explain the situation and prevent others from becoming upset in the future.  I appreciate your interest in my site and am glad that you enjoy the music.

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