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I am helping someone who is going through the music collection of a vintage music fan who passed away awhile back.  Rather than selling off the collection, the owners have chosen to preserve and catalog it as a way of honoring the person's memory.  A number of years ago, some of the collector's favorite recordings were transferred to tape in order to provide more convenient listening.   Unfortunately there are a few selections on the tapes that do not match up with any of the records in the collection and nobody has any idea what might have ultimately happened to the original recordings.  For the past few months, we have been attempting to locate information about the missing original recordings. 

There are three recordings that we have been unable to find the information we are looking for -  so in an attempt to broaden the search, we have decided to offer a reward to anyone who provides provide us with the information or who refers us to someone who can. 


All sound clips are in streaming Real Audio.  To listen, simply click on the song title

1st Recording
$500 Reward Available For Full Information
Rewards Available For Partial Information As Noted. 
Up To $140 In Finder Fees Also Available

Update: Partial Winner Found

Congratulations to Erik Mueller of Texas for identifying a copy of the sheet music to "Marionettes At Midnight"  in the online catalog of the British Library.  The British Library copy proved to be of the same song as in the recording.   The sheet music indicates that the song was composed by German composer Kurt Noack and was published in 1935 by Schott & Co in their "Domesticum-Salon-Orchester No. 392."  The song's original German title was "Marionetten um Mitternacht ." 

For providing the information, Mr. Mueller has won $250.   An additional $250 is still on the table for anyone who can provide the information about the recording and performer. 


"Marionettes At Midnight" 

$500 will be awarded to the first person who can provide all of the following information - or amounts as noted will be awarded to the first person who can provide partial information.  If you do not know this information, we will pay a $140 finder's fee to anyone who refers us to someone who ends up winning the $500 reward - or finder fees as noted for referrals to those who win awards for partial information.

Information Needed

Song Title - ($125 reward - $35 finder's fee)  We have not been able to confirm that "Marionettes At Midnight" is, in fact, the song's title.  See "Known Information About The Recording" below. 

Composer - ($125 reward - $35 finder's fee) We have no information as to who composed this song.

Artist Information -($125 reward - $35 finder's fee)  The only information we have is the handwritten note indicating the performance was by "Maximillian And His Orchestra."  We are wanting to know the name of the orchestra performing and the identity of  "Maximillian" if he was, in fact, a real person and not just a recording pseudonym.

Recording Information-($125 reward - $35 finder's fee)  If the recording is from a commercially issued recording, we are looking for information such as catalog and matrix number.  If the recording is from another source such as a film soundtrack, we are looking for the relevant identifying details.

Additional known information about the recording:  This sound clip is the first 90 seconds of a 78 rpm home recording disc found in the above mentioned collection .  The disc is obviously a copy of another recording.  The handwritten label states that the song's title is "Marionettes at Midnight" and was performed by "Maxmillian and His Orchestra."  Unfortunately, we have not been able to find any published reference to a song called "Marionettes at Midnight" nor of any group that recorded under the name "Maximillian and His Orchestra."   One possibility is that "Maximillian" might, in fact, be violinist Maxmilian Pilzer who made a number of recordings under his own name and served as conductor for some recording sessions of the RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra.  Certainly, the violin is featured prominently throughout the recording. But the possible Pilzer connection is only a guess.  So far, we have been utterly unable to locate any solid information about the song's composer, the band featured on the recording and the original source of the recording

2nd Recording
$100 Reward
$25 Finder's Fee Also Available

Amina (aka"Serenade Egyptienne") 

Information Needed: $100 will be awarded to the first person who can provide the name of the orchestra in this recording as well as the label the record was issue under along with the relevant catalog/matrix numbers.  If you do not know this information but can refer us to someone who wins the award, we will pay a $25 finder's fee.

Additional known information about the recording: The song was composed in 1909 by Paul Lincke

3rd Recording
Up To $200 Reward Possible
Up To $50 Finder's Fee Also Available

Update: Winner  Found

March 15, 2004:  A person who wishes to remain anonymous has provided confirmation that this recording was indeed by Edith Lorand and Her Orchestra. 

Destiny Waltz

Information Needed  This song was composed by Sydney Baynes. The notes with the tape suggest that the recording might have been by Edith Lorand and Her Orchestra.  Lorand did indeed make a recording of "Destiny Waltz" issued on Columbia 2657-D in the USA.  Since Ms Lorand was a German artist, my guess is that the record was probably also issued on different European labels as well.  We will award $100 to the first person who can provide verifiable confirmation that this recording either was or was not by Edith Lorand and Her Orchestra.  If you do not know this information, we will pay a $25 finders' fee if you refer us to the person who wins the $100 award.  If the recording is NOT Edith Lorand and Her Orchestra, then we will pay an additional $100 for the first person who can provide us with the actual name of the orchestra as well as the name of the label the record was issued on with the relevant cataloge/matrix numbers.  If you refer us to the person who wins this additional $100 award, we will pay a $25 finders' fee

Rules And Instructions

All submission should be emailed to

Persons interested in the available finder fees can submit their referrals in one of two ways:  You can send an email with the name and email address of the person(s) you wish to refer to and we will send that person(s) an email referring them to this web page.  The other way is to ask your referrals to indicate in their submission the fact that they were referred to us by you.

All rewards will be awarded to the first person who submits the relevant information that we can verify as correct.  Rewards will be awarded only after we have been able to verify that the information submitted is correct - so please be as specific as possible about where your information comes from and provide as much documentation as you can.   If you submit unverifiable information that leads us to the correct information, we will award you the published reward amount so long as nobody else has claimed it.  However, if you submit unverifiable information and a second person submits the same information along with the documentation necessary to verify its accuracy, the prize will go to the second person.

In the event that there are multiple submissions of verifiably accurate information, the reward will be awarded to the person who submitted the information to us first.

As soon as someone provides us with verifiably accurate information, we will post it on this website.  We will also publish the names of all winners except for those who specifically request to remain anonymous. 

Awards will be in US Dollars and will be payable through your choice of PayPal, personal checks, cashier's checks or money orders drawn on a US bank.  We will consider other payment methods more convenient to those who live outside the USA - but we cannot make any promises that such methods will be acceptable to us.


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