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    The Globe Trot         Victor Military Band                1916
    I acquired this one a few months ago and fell for it immediately. Don't let the name of the band fool you as there is nothing militaristic about this one.  It is a lively ragtime number.

    Out Of A Million You're The Only One 
    Abe Lyman's California Orchestra                             1924
    I have had this record since I was a little kid and have yet to grow tired of listening to it.    Lyman had one of the more enduring bands;  it remained active into the late '40s

    Saxophobia               Rudy Wiedoeft                        1921
    As I mentioned in the last update to this section, Wiedoeft was a popular saxophonist who had a thing for songs that ended with the letter "A." Wiedoeft was also the composer of  this late example of ragtime. 
     Snake Hips                 Memphis Five                        1923

    I didn't know that snakes had hips!    This is a really good jazz number  - although it does have a certain Middle-Eastern flavor interjected throughout.  This is quite common of the records of the era.   I suspect that the reason had much to do with the popularity of Rudolph Valentino films.

    Mabel Garrison
    Tales Of Hoffman - Doll Song         Mabel Garrison        1916
    This is from the Jacques Offenbach operetta.  If you are not already familiar with Offenbach's works, I strongly recommend them.  I have read that in theatrical circles his name became associated with bad luck and, therefore, people crossed themselves whenever it was mentioned!   Garrison performed with the Metropolitan Opera.

    King Cotton March     Walter B. Rodgers and His Band      1922
    The King Cotton is one of my favorite marches.

    In Blinky, Winky, Chinky, Chinatown    Peerless Quartet      1916
    Racial stereotypes were not uncommon in the popular music of the era. Compared to some others, this one is actually quite mild.

    Colombia Waltz       Blue and White Marimba Band             1916
    In the last update to this section, I featured an upbeat march by this band from the other side of the record.  This selection offers a somewhat slower tempo.  And no, I did not misspell the title.  That is exactly how it appears on the record .  I do not know if  the composer intended for it to be spelled that way or if, perhaps, Victor Talking Machine Company executives just flat could not stand the thought of putting the name of rival Columbia on one of their record labels!

    St Louis Tickle                Vess L. Ossman                           1909
    Ossman (1868-1923)  was an extremely famous banjo player.  His audiences included King Edward VII and President Theodore Roosevelt.  He began his recording career in the 1890s.  This is an excellent example of ragtime banjo playing.

    Hilda                              Victor Military Band                     1916

    Do I?    The Brox Sisters with Bennie Krueger's Orchestra     1922 
    Ever since I acquired this record about 10 years ago, I have been a bit curious as to what the Brox Sisters would have sounded like if this recording had been done electrically.

    Bees' Knees                Ted Lewis and His Band                    1922
    This is an enjoyable jazz number.  I don't know if it has anything to do with what the composer had in mind when he came up with this song's title, but I understand that, back in the '20s, saying that something was the "bees' knees" had a similar connotation to what  later generations meant when they said something was "cool."

    Morning, Noon and Night Overture                                       1902
    This piece was written by  Franz Von Suppe - another composer I recommend.  This one goes far enough back that the performers are not even credited - not even with a generic house band name.

    Just A Little Love Song        Lanin's Famous Players             1922

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