Real Audio Files


One frequently asked question is if it is possible for visitors to download copies of the Real Audio files to their hard drive.  Not only is it possible, it is actually encouraged if you wish to frequently listen to certain favorites.  Downloading  not only allows you to have your own copy,  it also saves bandwidth for others. 

In order to make it easier,  I have created a Download Index of all the Real Audio selections on the site. I have also included instructions on how to download the files. Important:  Access to the Download Index is password protected.  This should only be a minor inconvenience as I am going to give you the password. The password protection is in place because it is the only sure fire way of preventing the download pages from being linked to by search engines or other websites.  A large portion of this site's traffic is generated from such searches and links. Since the download pages contain nothing more than the minimal information needed to locate and download files, they might be somewhat confusing to visitors who happen to stumble across them without any additional context. (Yes, I do know about robots.txt files and meta tags. Not all search engine spiders recognize them, however.)

Most of the Real Audio files on this site are between 350k and 450k in size.

To enter the Download Section, click on the link below.  A box will appear asking for your user name and password.  Enter the following:

User Name:  guest
Password:     password

Please note that "guest" and "password" must be lowercase.

Enter the Download Index

Once you have downloaded the files, you can also create a metafile "jukebox" that will allow you to play several Real Audio files consecutively in any order you choose. Click here for instructions on how to create metafiles. 

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