How To Program Multiple RealAudio Files To Play In Any Order

Important Note:  Due to time contrstraints, I am not able to personally troubleshoot problems you may encounter.  If you should have any further questions about metafiles, additional information is available in the technical support section at

Once you have downloaded several Real Audio files, you might find it convenient to be able to play them back to back and avoid having to manually click on a new file every time one finishes playing.  To accomplish this, you will need to create what is called a metafile (.ram)The metafile allows you to, in effect, program your own "playlist." Sounds complex?  Relax.  Creating metafiles is easy.


Instructions For Creating Metafiles
For these instructions, we are going to assume that you have downloaded 5 Real Audio files named one.ra, two.ra, three.ra, four.ra and five.ra  and that you wish them to play in that order.
  • Open a basic text editor - preferably Microsoft Notepad. 
  • Type in the file path for each Real Audio file in the order you wish them to play.

  • If you wish to save the metafile to the same location you have placed your Real Audio files, the correct format is:

    Please note that there is no empty space between the file: and the name of the .ra file.

    If you wish to save the metafile to a location different than where you placed your Real Audio files, you will need to specify the path differently.  Let's say, for example,  that you created a folder called "music" in which to store your Real Audio files.  Instead of locating the metafile in the "music" folder,  for ease of access, you decide that you would like to place it on your desktop.  Here is the format you would need to use:


    If you wish to save the metafile to a different drive than where the Real Audio files are stored, you will need to write out the path in full in this format:


  • Once you have typed in the file paths, simply go to "File" at the top of your screen and select the "Save As" option. Important: when you save your file, be sure that "Text Document" is displayed in the "file type" box. (This is especially important if you do not have Notepad and have to use another editor, such as WordPad) Type into the file name box whatever you wish to call your metafile followed by .ram.  (For example: name.ram) There should be no empty spaces between the file name and the .ram.  Once you select where you wish to store your metafile and click on "Save" the process will be complete.
  • Now simply go to wherever you have stored your metafile and click on it.  The different Real Audio files should beging to play in the order you specified.

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