About Dan Taylor



As early as he can remember Dan has had a passion for the great music of the 20’s & 30’s. Discovering an old 78 player with records in his parents' basement, he spent hours as a pre-teen listening to Fox Trots, Waltzes and others. A passion for flying grew out of watching aviation movies that came out in his youth such as “Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines”, “The Blue Max”, and the Silent Classics that occasionally would play on TV. After visiting the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome and seeing the Airshows, he never dreamed someday he’d be flying the same early machines he saw there as an 8 year old.

Dan owns three vintage planes. Two of them he flies in the Rhinebeck shows. One is from 1929 and other is a biplane from 1931. Aside from flying these early machines he enjoys researching the history of the pilots who flew them. 

You can visit the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome website and see the planes that flew when the music we love was new. 



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