About Matt From College Station




Matt is a 25 Year old graduate student in Horticulture and Genetics from Texas A&M University. Besides working with plants, Matt has a keen interest in the music of the 1920's - 1930's and consequently record collecting. He discovered 78's at age five when playing records he found in his Grandmother's record cabinet and was hooked after hearing his first record.

Matt specializes in depression era recordings, particularly those on the Crown label, and recordings by territory bands. He also enjoys female vocalists, particularly Welcome Lewis, Annette Hanshaw, Lee Morse and Libby Holman. If Matt had to name a favorite song, it would be "Sweet and Hot."    Matt occasionally sells some of his duplicate and surplus 78 rpm records on ebay and you can access any current auctions he might have from his website at www.perfectjazz.com.   You may also contact Matt at perfectjazz78@yahoo.com


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