Garde Republicaine Band Of France – circa 1916


“March des Alsaciens Lorraine”
Garde Republicaine Band Of France
circa 1916 ( Pathe 35032 B)
March des Alsaciens Lorraine – Garde Republicaine Band Of France

“La Diane – La Retraite Federals”
Garde Republicaine Band Of France
circa 1916 (Pathe 35032 A)
La Diane La Retraite Federals – Garde Repubicaine Band Of France

While Pathe had been the dominant record company in France since the mid 1890s it wasn’t until 1916 that they began to manufacture records in the USA.   Because of patent issues Pathe discs prior to 1920 had vertically cut grooves and could not be played on standard steel needle wind-up record players.   One either had to use a Pathe player or retrofit a competitor’s player with a special adapter.

The Band of the Republican Guard dates back to 1848 and made a large number of recordings for Pathe and for other labels as well.  In 1993 the band’s name was changed to The Orchestra of the Republican Guard.

Because both sides of this record were recorded in France I was unable to find an exact recording date.   It is entirely possible that one or both were recorded a few years prior to this 1916 USA pressing.

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4 Responses to Garde Republicaine Band Of France – circa 1916

  1. Carol says:

    Very clear sound and good balance. You don’t loose the winds as so often happens in earlier recordings.

    • dismuke says:

      Hi Carol –

      I too was impressed with the recording quality on this one. Pathe records are not known for having good recording quality. But this one certainly sounds well-recorded.

  2. Hi,
    You can find a very complete discography of the French Pathé vertical 90 rpm and 80 rpm records on this site:
    This might be useful to find the exact recording date.

  3. dismuke says:

    Hi –

    Thanks for the link. I actually stumbled across that site when I was researching the record. I couldn’t find any mention of the “March des Alsaciens Lorraine” side at all. I did find an entry for “La Diane – La Retraite Federals” – but it listed the band as Orchestra Pathe Freres. However, I was able to confirm that this last recording is the same as the USA pressing that I featured here as I stumbled across a French copy for sale on an auction site and the label scan showed the same matrix number. I have very high confidence in the sources which date my USA copy to 1916 as its catalog number in the 35xxx series which started in 1916 is quite low and is lower than other issues that definitely date to 1916. Plus the 35xxx series ended in 1917. So that tells me that either the original French pressing was on a catalog series not covered by the Pathe Discography or it was not issued in France until that one side was released under the pseudonym of Orchestra Pathe Freres.

    That site was a great discovery – and I recommend people follow the link if, for no other reason, than to see the pictures. The site also has additional information and photos at And it has a discography of other French sapphire type records, none of which I was previously familiar with, at

    I have a few of the 90 rpm center start Pathe records in my collection. I will have to dig them out and perhaps include one in a future posting.

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