Ted Weems And His Orchestra

Victor 22238


“The Man From The South”
Ted Weems And His Orchestra; Arthur Jarrett, vocal
1929 (Victor 22238 B)
Ted Weems And His Orchestra – The Man From The South]

“Harmonica Harry”
Ted Weems  And His Orchestra; Parker Gibbs, vocal
1929 (Victor 22238 A)
Ted Weems And His Orchestra – Harmonica Harry]


Here is a Ted Weems record from 1929.

Almost every recording I have heard of “The Man From The South” has featured a really outstanding arrangement.   This version is no exception – and is quite “hot” as far as Ted Weems records go.

“Harmonica Harry” is a novelty song which was a sequel to and, no doubt, an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of another novelty recording Weems made earlier in the year,  “Piccolo Pete,”  which became a big hit for the band.

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2 Responses to Ted Weems And His Orchestra

  1. Randy Skretvedt says:

    Yes, this is a great arrangement of “The Man from the South,” and if I remember correctly, the verse makes it clear that he’s from the South Side of Chicago! There’s also a tremendous record of “Harmonica Harry” by Jack Payne and his BBC Dance Orchestra.

  2. Tim Gartner says:

    A couple of things: 1) Can’t find Weems-Parker Gibbs version of “Sing.” 2) I am having trouble signing back on the the site to post messages. Can you help? Thanks!

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