The Benson Orchestra of Chicago – 1924


“Keep On Dancing”
The Benson Orchestra Of Chicago
1924 (Victor 19470-B)
Keep On Dancing – The Benson Orchestra Of Chicago

The Benson Orchestra Of Chicago
1924 (Victor 19470-A)
Copenhagen – The Benson Orchestra Of Chicago

Here is a jazzy “hot dance” record I stumbled across and purchased at a used book store a couple of weekends ago.

The Benson Orchestra of Chicago was one of  several Chicago area bands operated by cellist and entrepreneur Edgar Benson.   Since this was during the era when the jazz craze was at its height and ballroom dancing was a major national pastime  it was not uncommon for successful bandleaders to have more demand for bookings than a single ensemble could fulfill.

The song “Keep On Dancing” also has a Chicago connection as it was one of the first songs published by a music publishing venture of the Duncan Sisters who were well-known vaudeville stars.   The publishing company had its offices in Chicago’s Garrick Theater Building and, as far as I can determine through online research, remained in business for only a few months.

I recently featured a different recording of “Copenhagen” by the California Ramblers in my June 4th posting.  But this version of the song by the Benson Orchestra is too good not to include.

Had this record been made less than a year later it would have been recorded through a microphone rather than an acoustical recording horn.

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2 Responses to The Benson Orchestra of Chicago – 1924

  1. Listen whenever I can. Have for years. These two sides are Great Jazz Thanks a lot.

  2. Ezra Walker says:

    Just left an estate sale got a free copy of The Benson Orch. of Chicago Copenhagen -Fox Trot #19470. It was about toss in the trash along with 30 others. lovely great classy, jazz. so happy to add this my collection…Saving History and Great Jazz. WoW!

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