Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees – 1930


“St Louis Blues”
Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees
February 19, 1930 (Victor 22321-B)
St Louis Blues

“Stein Song (University of Maine)”
Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees
February 10, 1930 (Victor 22321-A)
Stein Song


Here are a couple of recordings I recently added to Radio Dismuke.

“St Louis Blues” is not a song that I would have expected to have been especially suited for Rudy Vallee’s nasal, somewhat aristocratic sounding voice.  But I think he does a surprisingly decent job with it here.

“Stein Song” was one of Vallee’s more famous recordings.  You can read an interesting article about its history at this link.

Observe in the label image the letter “O” appearing just above the dog’s head and the end of the horn on the phonograph.  That signifies that the record was pressed at Victor’s West Coast pressing plant in Oakland, California.

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