The Radiolites (Ben Selvin Orchestra) – 1928


“One Step To Heaven”
The Radiolites
July 5, 1928 (Columbia 1468-D mx 146624)
One Step To Heaven

The Radiolites
July 5, 1928 (Columbia 1468-D mx 146612)


Here are two songs from the 1928 Broadway production Say When as played by the Ben Selvin Orchestra recording under the pseudonym of “The Radiolites.”

Say When opened at New York’s Morosco Theater on June 26, 1928.  The production only ran for 15 performances and closed on July 7, 1928 just two days after these recordings were made.


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  1. Jeff says:


    1. I am a collector of 20s and 30s music since the age of nine, which is to say for decades. This era’s music is a perfect blend of melody and swing, even in the 20s before the term “swing” was in common use, and therefore offers an appeal that no other era can match. Louis Armstrong said he didn’t like bebop because it had no melody you could hum. How much moreso today’s rowdy and tasteless stuff?

    2. In the event a posted 78 on this wonderful site is appealing and I could appreciate having a cd or cassette of it, is it possible to obtain a copy? Please let me know what would be involved. Thank you kindly.


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