“Unrequited Love”

Victor 35993 B


“Unrequited Love”
International Orchestra
1929 (Victor 35993 B)
International Orchestra – Unrequited Love]

Here is a charming and buoyant waltz composed in 1898 by the prolific German composer Paul Lincke.   The original German title of the song is “Verschmähte Liebe.”

International Orchestra was an ensemble of in-house Victor studio musicians led by the company’s music director Nat Shilkret.

If you look at the label image, near the bottom you will see “Victor Talking Machine Division – Radio-victor Corporation of America.”  This reflects the recent purchase of the Victor Talking Machine Company by RCA.  While the acquisition took place in 1929, the name change was not reflected on the label until early 1930.  By late 1930 the awkward sounding name was changed to RCA Victor Company, Inc.  So this indicates that my copy was pressed sometime during the spring or summer of 1930.

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  1. Koshka says:

    Beautiful and elegant arrangement. Thanks for this great Shilkret record.

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