Jack Hylton “If You Were Mine” 1929

HMV B 5720


“If You Were Mine”
Jack Hylton And His Orchestra
1929 (HMV B 5720 mx Bb18047)
Jack Hylton And His Orchestra – If You Were Mine]

This Jack Hylton record is a recent acquisition that features a song I was not previously familiar with.  The song has provided me with a little mystery to solve:    The label’s composer credit says it was written by someone named “Myers.”   However, I wonder if this is perhaps a typo and if the actual composer is George W. Meyer who composed a song by that name for the 1929 First National film Twin Beds.  Unfortunately, that film is now believed to be lost.

I did find another British recording of this song from 1930 by Ray Starita on YouTube and have a message in asking the poster if he could provide me with the name listed in the composer credits.

There was another song by the same name composed by Matt Malneck and Johnny Mercer from around 1935 that was recorded by Billie Holliday, Teddy Wilson and others.

Interestingly enough, the song on the flip side of this record is a waltz “My Song of the Nile” which was composed by George W. Meyer who is accurately credited.   That song was featured in another 1929 First National picture Drag.  The film was released in the UK under the alternate title Parasites which is mentioned on the label.   No mention of any film is made on the “If You Were Mine” side.

If anyone reading this is in a position to confirm whether or not the song featured here is the same as the George W. Meyer song from Twin Beds,  I would very much appreciate your posting a comment below letting me know.

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  1. Nicholas says:

    In his British Dance Band discography, Brian Rusts gives the composers of this number as Al Bryan and George W. Meyer, and he lists six British recordings of it.

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