Columbia E Series Bohemian Record

Columbia E420

“Z Narodnich Pisni” (Songs of the People)
circa 1910 – 1911? ( Columbia E420 mx 13030)
Orchestra – Z Narodnich Pisni (Songs of the People)]

“Na Rozloucenou” (At Parting)
circa 1910 – 1911? ( Columbia E 420 mx 13029)
Orchestra – Na Rozloucenpu (At Parting)]

Here is a record that I have more questions about than information.    It features Bohemian music and is from Columbia’s E catalog number series which was used for foreign and ethnic recordings. Unfortunately, I do not have access to any of the discographies that cover the Columbia E series.  I can tell from the label design that my copy was pressed sometime in 1912.  But an online reference I found to a Columbia E series recording from 1912 suggests that this record was originally issued somewhat earlier. Furthermore, the matrix number is not of any series that I have information on – which suggests to me the possibility that it might have been recorded in Europe.

The composer credit on both sides is for “Fr. Dvorak.”  Was this perhaps Antonin Dvorak – or maybe a relative?  Finally, no artist credit is given for the band – which was not all that uncommon during the 1900s and early 1910s for recordings made by in-house studio musicians.

If anyone reading this has additional information, your sharing it in the comments would be much appreciated.

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  1. Nigel Broder says:

    “Fr. Dvorak” might be Frantisek Dvorak, who was the father of Antonin Dvorak. Frantisek was a butcher and innkeeper by trade, but also was quite an enthusiastic and capable musician. He played the zither and recognized the musical talent in his son at an early age and encouraged Antonin. Apparently it was Frantisek that taught his son to play the violin initially. That said, I cannot confirm definitely that the father was also a composer.

  2. jules defelices says:

    hello. i have two Columbia E series bohemian (or slovak).

    E544: Ladislav Matusek – slovak
    oddly the flip side is American Patrol on xylophone!

    E240: V Kvetu Mladosti performed by Kmochova Kapela Kolinski
    flip side (no A/B) Marna Laska looks like Opera of Prague

    like you, I can find no info on them.

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