Gems From “Whoopee!”/”The New Moon”

“Gems From Whoopee”
Victor Light Opera Company
1929 (Victor 35969-B)
Victor Light Opera Company – Gems From Whoopee]

“Gems From The New Moon”
Victor Light Opera Company
1929 (Victor 35969-A)
Victor Light Opera Company – Gems From The New Moon]

The Victor Light Opera Company was an ensemble of Victor in-house vocalists performing selections from popular operettas and musicals.  Here they perform selections from a couple of well-known late ’20s productions.

Whoopee! enjoyed 407 Broadway performances running between December 1928 and November 1929.   It was also made into a 1930 movie musical.  Eddie Cantor starred in both the Broadway and film versions.

The New Moon, with music by Sigmund Romberg ran from September 1928 through December 1929 for a total of 509 performances.  As with Whoopee! a film version was released in 1930.

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