We Now Return To Our Program In Progress

Well, it has been a very long pause between updates – and one that was not exactly planned in advance.   Let’s just say that I had a number of important things going on with periods when I simply did not have time to post and others when I was just not in any mood to.  I consider Radio Dismuke to be my primary vintage music project –  so when push comes to shove, this blog will always take a back seat to the radio station.   But in recent months I have started to miss posting here.   So I am back for now.  I make no promises as to how frequently I will post – but you should see things updated on a semi-regular basis for at least awhile.   If you wish to receive updates whenever new postings are put up you can subscribe to the blog’s Twitter updates or to its RSS feed (which you can find listed at the top of many browser windows, but if not, the feed address is http://dismuke.org/blog/?feed=rss2 )

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One Response to We Now Return To Our Program In Progress

  1. Don says:

    Let’s see… best i can recollect, it’s been 13 months 7 days and 15 hours since your last
    musical post. You’re excused this time. but let’s not let it be so long next time. LOL

    Glad to see you’re still around and kicking. Hey how about the Dismuke Message Board. Kind of slow over there too. Maybe you’ve got of couple tricks up your sleeve
    to re-energize it.


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