Meade “Lux” Lewis – 1944


“Boogie Tidal”
Meade Lux Lewis
1944 (Asch 352 1A mx 729)
Boogie Tidal – Meade Lux Lewis

“Yauncy’s Pride”
Meade Lux Lewis
1944 (Asch 352 1B mx 732)
Yauncy’s Pride – Meade Lux Lewis

Meade Lux Lewis was one of the pioneers who helped bring about the early 1940s popularity of the boogie-woogie piano style.  You can read an interesting article about the ups and downs of his career at this link.

Asch Records was founded in 1939 by Moses Asch and issued a variety of blues, folk, ethnic and jazz recordings.    After the company went bankrupt in 1947 Asch founded Folkways Records.   When Asch died in 1987 Folkways Records was acquired by the Smithsonian Institution which continues to operate it under the name Smithsonian Folkways.

Both of the recordings here have very similar opening passages – something which caused me, when I was putting this posting together, to briefly question whether I had made an error when I transferred the record.


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  1. Denise Buckner says:

    I came across your web site. This is my great uncle’s music. When I hear it I think about him. Thanks so much. Denise Buckner

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