4th of July Music – Sousa’s Band


“Stars And Stripes Forever”
Sousa’s Band
1912 (Victor 16777-A)
Stars And Stripes Forever – Sousa’s Band

“Fairest Of The Fair March”
Sousa’s Band
1908 (Victor 16777-B)
Fairest Of The Fair March – Sousa’s Band

“Washington Post March”
Sousa’s Band
1912 (Victor 17302-A)
Washington Post March – Sousa’s Band

“El Capitan March”
Sousa’s Band
1908 (Victor 17302-B)
El Capitan March – Sousa’s Band

“Sabre And Spurs March”
Sousa’s Band
1918 (Victor 18504-A)
Sabre And Spurs March – Sousa’s Band

“Solid Men To The Front”
Sousa’s Band
1918 (Victor 18504-B)
Solid Men To The Front – Sousa’s Band

“Bullets And Bayonets”
Sousa’s Band
1919 (Victor 18752-B)
Bullets And Bayonets – Sousa’s Band

“On The Campus”
Sousa’s Band
1921 (Victor 18752-A)
On The Campus – Sousa’s Band

What’s a 4th of July celebration without some John Philip Sousa marches?    Here are several of his many marches – including the traditional Independence Day favorite “Stars And Stripes Forever” – as recorded by Sousa’s own band.    While Sousa’s band made many dozens of records between the 1890s and the 1920s Sousa himself despised the phonograph and was rarely present in his band’s recording sessions.   My guess, however,  is that he probably enjoyed the money he received from them.

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  1. I am a fan of your blog and searching for a Sousa version Of “Stars and Stripes” or Vincent Lopez Orchestra and Whiteman’s (whom he performed with 1923-30’s)
    “God Save America” where my grandfather “Bob Effros” performs trumpet.

    I enjoy your weekly posts ! Especially recent” Bix Mist” with him on piano.
    Please see our recent blog: BobEffros.blogspot.com
    Have been passing on your posts!
    Barbara Effros

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