Three Flip Sides 1909 – 1919

Columbia A3317
“Intermezzo Russe”
George Hamilton Green (Xylophone solo with orchestral accompaniment)
1919 (Columbia A 3317 mx 78861)
Intermezzo Russe

“German Fidelity March”
United States Marine Band (Lieut. Wm. H. Santelmann, Director)
1914 (Victor 17577 B)
German Fidelity March

“Guard Mount”
Arthur Pryor’s Band
1909 (Victor 16316 B)
Guard Mount


This update features recordings from the flip side of records used for the Independence Day posting I put up today.   These recordings are not a fit for an Independence Day themed posting – but, since I think they are nice recordings nevertheless, I decided to include them in a separate posting.

Despite the fact that “Intermezzo Russe” seems to have been fairly well-known in Europe and America around the turn of the last century, I have not been able to find out much about it or its French composer Theodore Franke.  I found a reference online to sheet music from 1896, so it dates back at least that far and possibly earlier.

“German Fidelity March” was written by German composer Hermann Ludwig Blackenburg.   Online sources suggest the song was first published in 1910.

“Guard Mount” dates back to 1888 and was composed by Richard Eilenberg who was famous for compositions such as “Sleigh Ride In St. Petersburg” and “Mill In The Black Forest” – both of which I recommend and will try to dig out and feature in a future update.


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