Kitty O’Connor – 1927


“I Ain’t That Kind Of A Baby”
Kitty O’Connor
June 22, 1927 (Columbia 1069 D mx 144390)
I Ain’t That Kind Of A Baby

“Lazy Weather”
Kitty O’Connor
June 22, 1927  (Columbia 1069 D mx 144389 )
Lazy Weather


Kitty O’Connor enjoyed brief popularity on the vaudeville and Broadway stage during the 1920s.  She was billed as “The Girl Baritone” for reasons you will hear on these recordings.   A very odd sounding voice – but she could certainly belt out a song.   I especially enjoy the “hot jazz” studio band that accompanies her.


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  1. Carol Wheeler says:

    Literally a “brassy” voice, almost a trombone quality. I wish I could have heard her live.

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