Stuff Smith & His Onyx Club Boys – 1937


“Where Is The Sun”
Stuff Smith And His Onyx Club Boys; Stuff Smith, vocal
May 4, 1937  ( Decca 1287 A mx 62173)
Where Is The Sun

Stuff Smith And His Onyx Club Boys
May 4, 1937 (Decca 1287 B mx 62174)


Here are a couple of recordings by jazz violinist Stuff Smith along with his sextette which was a regular fixture at New York’s Onyx Club.

“Where Is The Sun” is from The Cotton Club Parade of 1937 where it was performed by Ethel WatersThe Cotton Club Parade was the name of the elaborate all-black cast musical revues that  The Cotton Club staged each year.

“Upstairs” is one of Stuff Smith’s own compositions.

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