Lewis James – 1927


“Good Night Little Girl Good Night”
Lewis James, vocal
December 1, 1927 (Columbia 1437 D mx 145267)
Good Night Little Girl Good Night

Lewis James, vocal
December 1, 1927 (Columbia 1437 D mx 145266)


Here are two ballads from the late 1890s as performed nearly three decades later by Lewis James, a vocalist who was a prolific recording artist on Victor, Columbia, Edison and other labels from 1917 through the 1930s.

In addition to solo vocals, James also recorded as a member of the Shannon Four harmony vocal quartette which later changed its name to The Revelers.  The success of The Revelers extended beyond records to include regular appearances on radio, in vaudeville and even a European tour.  It was 78 rpm records of The Revelers that inspired the formation of the famous German vocal group, the Comedian Harmonists.   I will dig out some Revelers recordings to include in future updates.

“Good Night Little Girl Good Night” was composed by James Cartwright Macy with words by Julia M Hays.  It was published in 1898.

“Absent” was published in 1899.  It was composed by John W. Metcalf with lyrics by Catherine Young Glen.

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