An Evening With Paul Lincke



“Ein Abend Bei Paul Lincke Part 1”
Anni Frind, Fred Drissen Und Parodisters Mit Orchester
1935 (HMV EH 910 mx 2RA 349)
Anni Frind Fred Drissen – Ein Abend Bei Paul Lincke]

“Ein Abend Bei Paul Lincke Part 2”
Anni Frind, Fred Drissen Und Parodisters Mit Orchester
1935 (HMV EH 910 mx 2RA 350)
Anni Frind Fred Drissen – Ein Abend Bei Paul Lincke Part 2]

Yesterday I featured a 1909 recording by Sousa’s band of a song composed by German composer Paul Lincke.   Here is a potpourri recording with some of Lincke’s more famous compositions, including selections from his operetta Frau Luna as well as “The Glow Worm.”

Anni Frind was a highly successful German opera and operetta star in the 1920s and 1930s.  Staunchly opposed to Adolf Hitler, she retired from the stage at the start of World War II and spent the war singing for Allied soliders and working as a volunteer nurse.  She moved to the United States in the early 1950s and worked as a singing instructor at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Fred Drissen was a German concert singer.  While he did not appear in operatic productions, he did perform opera in the recording studio and on radio.

Note the white sticker “Made In England For Radio Corporation of America” in the label image.    My copy is an imported British pressing on the HMV label with all label information in German.   The original release was on HMV’s German subsidiary label Electrola with both the German Electrola and the British HMV pressings featuring identical catalog numbers.

I am guessing that demand for this recording was  strong enough in the UK to warrant a British pressing – but perhaps not strong enough to justify label credits in English.   There was undoubtedly too little demand in the United States to justify a separate US pressing – but those interested were obviously able to obtain an imported copy through RCA Victor which had close corporate ties with HMV.

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