Joe Taub & His Melodians

Eclipse 554


“Pettin’ In The Park”
Joe Taub & His Melodians
1933 ( Eclipse 554 mx JW1558)
Joe Taub And His Melodians – Pettin In The Park]

“I’m Suspicious Of You”
Joe Taub & His Melodians
1933 ( Eclipse 554 mx JW1559)
Joe Taub And his Melodians – I’m Suspicious Of You]

Today’s selections come from an old Eclipse record.  Eclipse records were budget priced records produced by the Crystalate Gramophone Record Manufacturing Co. as an in-house store label for the British branch of the F. W. Woolworth dime store chain.   Like other low priced records in Britain at the time, Eclipse records were eight inches in diameter as opposed to the standard ten inch size – though, through the use of slightly narrower grooves and smaller labels, they had comparable playing time.  Eclipse records were issued from 1931 through 1935 when they were discontinued in favor of nine inch Crown records.

Joe Taub & His Melodians was one of several recording pseudonyms used by Harry Leader And His Band on Eclipse.


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