“Whistling Rufus” & “Down South”

Zonophone 5566

“Whistling Rufus”
International Novelty Quartette
1930 ( Zonophone 5566 mx Yy18249)
International Novelty Quartette – Whistling Rufus]

“Down South”
International Novelty Quartette
1930 (Zonophone 5566 mx Yy18246)
International Novelty Quartette – Down South]

Here is a very charming British salon music record I recently acquired.  My guess is the International Novelty Quartette consisted of in-house studio musicians for the Gramophone Co, parent company of the HMV and Zonophone labels.  I especially enjoy the use of the xylophone on both selections.

“Whistling Rufus”was written in 1899 by American composer Kerry Mills.   Mills wrote a number of famous songs including “Meet Me In St. Louis” “At A Georgia Camp Meeting” and “Red Wing.”

“Down South” (the song is often listed with a subtitle of “An American Sketch” dates back to 1901 and was written by British composer W. H. Myddleton.   In addition to being a composer, Myddleton was also a conductor, a novelist, a dramatist and an astronomer.  He sometimes composed under the pen name Arnold Safroni.

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  1. Bob Gillies says:

    I have many 78 records which were given to me by an old fellow who left south africa some years ago, for Scotland when ill health beset him. I have a 1910 wind up record player with Garrard motor and Columbia sound box and it lends an original tone to the 78’s. I have Whistling Rufus YY18249 which I played just now. Can anyone say if this record was pressed in 1930? I also have a complete set of really good condition Swan Lake on 78’s with CAX…. numbers on the discs. I don’t know how old they might be.

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