Cliff Bruner And His Boys

Decca 5785

“Over The Hill”
Cliff Bruner And His Boys
1939 (Decca 5785 B mx 66301)
Cliff Bruner And His Boys – Over The Hill]

“It’s All Over Now”
Cliff Bruner And His Boys
1939 Decca 5785 A mx 66353)
Cliff Bruner And His Boys – It’s All Over Now]

You can find background information about Cliff Bruner at this link.

I do not have a great many country records in my collection – primarily because I am not familiar enough with the genre to know which ones I will likely enjoy.   I enjoy certain types of “western swing” recordings – but even bands such as Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies that recorded a lot of stuff I enjoy also had a number of recordings that are far too rustic for my taste.

I acquired today’s record some time ago in a bulk purchase and only recently listened to it for the first time.  I think the tunes on both sides are very pretty.  The piano and steel guitar passages in “Over The Hill” are good examples of the style of western swing that I enjoy.

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