Two Songs From Die Drei von der Tankstelle – 1930

Disco Gramophono AE3682


“Darling” (“Liebling, mein Herz läßt Dich grüßen”)
Orquesta Marek Weber
1930 ( Disco Gramofono AE 3682 mx  BDR 8958)
Orquesta Marek Weber – Darling]

“Un Buen Amigo” (“Ein Freund ein guter Freund”)
Orquesta Marek Weber
1930 ( Disco Gramofono AE 3682 mx  BDR 8957)
Orquesta Marek Weber – Un Buen Amigo]

Here are two songs from the 1930 German film Die Drei von der Tankstelle which starred Lilian HarveyWilly Fritsch and Oskar Karlweis.   These recordings were made in Germany but my copy was issued in Spain.  I have posted the recording credits as they appear on the label with the original German song titles in parenthesis.

I think “Liebling, mein Herz läßt Dich grüßen” is a very pretty song and this arrangement by the Marek Weber band is top notch.  You can watch a YouTube clip of the scene in which the song was originally performed in the film at this link.  You can watch the film performance of “Ein Freund ein guter Freund” at this link.

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3 Responses to Two Songs From Die Drei von der Tankstelle – 1930

  1. Roseman says:

    Wow!!! What an orchestra.

    Thanks Dismuke for introducing me to this great ensemble. I checked him out on YT and was pleasantly surprised with the various postings. His was a versatile and talented group of musicians of first class quality.

    From hot jazz to salon to tango to operetta to foxtrot, he covered all the bases and in impeccable style. How did he slip by me all these years???


    • dismuke says:

      He did have a very nice band. That is one of the reasons I always pick up Marek Weber records when I can find them for a reasonable price – no matter what musical genre he played he did it very well. Most of his recordings I would classify as salon music – but, like you said, he did jazz and classical as well. His band was VERY popular throughout Europe and, given the number of his recordings that were issued in the USA on Victor he was apparently known over here as well.

      Sadly, Weber had to flee Germany once the National Socialists took power. But, of course, the good news is that he was fortunate enough to get out. He eventually made his way to the USA and made recordings over here – but his career never fully recovered.

  2. Thanks for these two songs ! There is famous French cover of “Ein Freund ein guter Freund”, performed by the actor and singer Henri Garat. His version is called “Avoir un bon copain” and was performed in the film “Le Chemin du paradis”.

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