Ramon Newton

Broadcast 318-A

“Virginia (There’s A Blue Ridge In My Heart)”
Ramon Newton
1929 ( Broadcast 318-A)
Ramon Newton – Virginia]

Cyril Ramon Newton was a British vocalist, violinist and bandleader.   He is probably best remembered for his vocals on recordings by the Savoy Havana Band.   He also performed with the Savoy Orpheans and briefly led the band after the departure of its founder Debroy Somers.

Now credit is given for the band that accompanies Newton.  But a good guess is that it was likely directed by Henry Bidgood who led the Broadcast label’s in-house band.

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2 Responses to Ramon Newton

  1. Paul Fahey says:

    Fine singer and one of the earliest ‘crooners’ I suppose.
    I have a very good recording of him singing, When you and I were seventeen, with an unidentified small orchestra on the HMV label. Probably around 1924 but unsure.
    He was vocalist for the Debroy Somers Band during the late ’20’s. Usefull blog – Cheers

    • Margaret Burnell says:

      Good afternoon.
      Cyril Ramon Newton was my Great Uncle, his sister, Amy Ellen Newton Adams also a singer, was my maternal Grandmother. I just came across a picture of him taken in his young days and looked him up on the internet and have been enjoying listening to his songs that I have found. Makes me miss my Grandmother and the stories she told of you youth and her family in the Hills of Malvern, England.

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