Another Status Update & Nauck’s Broadcast

My last status update stated that I had hoped to resume posting towards the end of last week.  That was before I discovered that the Radio Dismuke broadcast server had been compromised by a hacker.  I ended up having to erase the hard drive on the server and temporarily source the broadcast from my laptop computer.  I then had to devote two of my evenings after work to reinstalling all of the broadcast software and uploading the station’s music library.   So that took up any time I had for blogging.

The previous weekend a nasty case of food poisoning and/or a stomach virus of some sort significantly limited my activities.  So this past weekend was largely devoted to taking care of various chores and errands that had been neglected the previous weekend.

In short, I have had some unplanned time crunches.

On a different note,  for those who follow this blog but do not tune into Radio Dismuke very often, this upcoming weekend October 29 and October 30 as well as Saturday November 5th the twelfth semi-annual Nauck’s Vintage Records broadcast with Kurt Nauck will air.   The broadcast features a large variety of vintage disc and cylinder records from the over 10,000 records in Nauck’s current auction.    The broadcast will cover a wide rage of vintage musical genres beyond Radio Dismuke’s normal 1920s & 1930s popular music and jazz format.  For more information about the broadcast, click here.

It is still my intention to resume posting soon.

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  1. Roseman says:

    Thanks Dismuke for the update. Looking forward to the upcoming Nauck Vintage Records broadcast.

    As a request for those of us that don’t listen to the whole broadcast in one setting and may miss big chunks of it, would it be feasible to put in up on the blog or a link to it in an archive format for later listening? I know there may be several reasons why not, bandwidth, file size are a couple that come to my mind, but thought I ask anyway.


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