Johnny Hamp And His Orchestra – 1931

Victor 22722

“Look In The Looking Glass”
Johnny Hamp And His Orchestra; Andrew Freeman, vocal
1931 (Victor 22722-B)
Johnny Hamp And His Orchestra – Look In The Looking Glass]

Johnny Hamp And His Orchestra
1931 (Victor 22722-A)
Johnny Hamp And His Orchestra – Nevertheless]

This record comes from the collection of my friend Christian From Dallas who has kindly loaned me a few boxes of records from his collection so that I can digitize and share them here.  As with all records featured on this site, any credit/blame for the transfer and audio restoration goes to me.

After going through one of the boxes of records that Christian has generously loaned me, I simply cannot resist including this really nice dance band record – one that I do not have in my own collection.   This record is my first exposure to the song “Look In The Looking Glass” – which I think it is very nice and very catchy.

Johnny Hamp’s band recorded for Victor from 1925 through 1929 as Johnny Hamp And His Kentucky Serenaders.   The band returned to the Victor studios in 1931 as Johnny Hamp And His Orchestra. Because of the Depression, Johnny Hamp records from this period are much more difficult to come by.

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4 Responses to Johnny Hamp And His Orchestra – 1931

  1. Irene Delroy says:

    Nice recording. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glen Bartolomeo says:

    Johnny Hamp was very popular in the 30’s , especially in the early days of sound musicals…most notably with the tune “Sunny Side Up” and “If I Had A Talking Picture Of You” both from the film Sunny side Up . He also had a great friendship with Jean Harlow. He continued with success in music well into the 40’s and even 50’s

  3. Wren says:

    I love music from the early 1900’s. Thank you!

  4. Cecilia M. Herson says:

    My Dad played in the Johnny Hamp band in the 1930’s! Cecil Dennis Adair. Not sure how long he played but he played the clarinet.

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