Ben Pollack And His Californians – 1928

Victor 21437


“Singapore Sorrows”
Ben Pollack And His Californians
Ben Pollack, vocal
1928 (Victor 21437-B mx 43540)
Ben Pollack And His Californians – Singapore Sorrows]

“Sweet Sue, Just You”
Ben Pollack And His Californians
Franklyn Baur, vocal
1928 (Victor 21437-A mx 43541)
Ben Pollack And His Californians – Sweet Sue Just You]

Ben Pollack had a top-notch band in the late 1920s and into the 1930s with a number of outstanding side men who later became stars in the big band era.  But enduring success  was always elusive for Pollack – and he apparently became increasingly bitter about it over the years.  In 1971 he hanged himself.

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