Ray Kinney – Dusky Polynesian | Pua Aloha


“Dusky Polynesian”
Ray Kinney with Dick McIntire and His Harmony Hawaiians
1937 (Decca 1331 A mx DLA 625)
Dusky Polynesian – Ray Kinney With Dick McIntire And His Harmony Hawaiians

“Pua Aloha” (Flower Song)
Ray Kinney with Dick McIntire And His Harmony Hawaiians
1937 (Decca 1331 B mx DLA 653)
Pua Aloha – Ray Kinney with Dick McIntire And His Harmony Hawaiians

Here are a couple of sides by Hawaiian vocalist Ray Kinney.

“Dusky Polynesian” is a rather odd song – and one that would, no doubt, be considered a bit Politically Incorrect if it were recorded today.

To me, the star performer of “Pua Aloah” is not Kinney but the very haunting steel guitar of Dick McIntire.  Observe the similarities between this recording and the sound of many Western swing records from the ’30s and ’40s.  Dick McIntire’s brother Lani was also a well-known Hawaiian bandleader and steel guitar player.

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5 Responses to Ray Kinney – Dusky Polynesian | Pua Aloha

  1. garrido says:

    good to hear you back to posting on your blog. you were absent to long!

  2. Bill Susel says:

    I listened to “Dusky Polynesian” twice – but I fail to see the relation to “…considered a bit Politically Incorrect if it were recorded today…”

    The line ‘…if your skin was white instead of brown’ refers to sun tanning – not ethnicity. Other references could apply to any poor working man who dreams of escape, I believe.

    The old Hawaiian music never fails to move me. I always get a kick out of Bing Crosbys “Sweet Leilani” with the steel guitar and high pitched singing.

  3. Holly Seifer says:

    Any chance you would like to sell this record? My grandfather was J. Leon Collis, and I’ve been looking for a copy of this record. I’m also looking for 2 other recordings he wrote and were recorded by Dick McIntire and his Harmony Hawaiians, Hula Lullaby and Under a Tropical Moon. Both of those were released on Decca Records as well. I have his handwritten sheet music of this and the other songs, and the actual recordings would be a lovely keepsake. Any help is appreciated!


    • Donna Ross says:


      Saw your post and know that song was attributed to your grandfather, John Leon Collis, and I was wondering if you knew Dorothy Armstrong (Miss Empire State/NY 1937)? I have a link to some newspaper articles during that time period with photos during her pageant years. Will include one with this reply…are you related? She is 4th from the left:


      Would appreciate any response–thanks! Donna Ross (828.284.0044/c)

    • Ted Collis says:

      John L Collis, is my father. As a little boy I recall Dad singing “Hula Lullaby” ever time he put me down to sleep. One of my sisters might have the old Decca Record of dad signing these very songs. Another point of interest you might be interested in. My sister Patty found a old “voice of America recording” and Alfred Akaka was signing these very songs from ” Hawaii Calls”. I believe the year was 1942. In this same recording on ‘voice of America”. Dad reenacted the battle of the Solomon Islands when he received the legion of merit for bravery. He was credited in the sinking of several Japanese ships. He retired as a Rear Admiral and his last command was Commanding officer of Pearl Harbor Hawaii. I might add his ship the USS Oglala was sunk on December 7th 1941. Ted Collis

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