Savoy Orpheans

Columbia 3430

“You’re In Kentucky Sure As You’re Born”
Savoy Orpheans At The Savoy Hotel, London
1924 (Columbia 3430 A 708)
Savoy Orpheans – You’re In Kentucky Sure As You’re Born]

The Savoy Orpheans were based out of London’s Savoy Hotel between 1923 and 1927.   The band was founded and directed by Debroy Somers who resigned in 1926.  Direction of the band eventually passed to Carroll Gibbons.   The Orpheans broke up in 1927 when their contract with the Savoy expired.  Gibbons then formed a new band for the hotel, the Savoy Hotel Orpheans.

One of the members of the first Savoy Orpheans band was an American saxophone player – future bandleader, crooner and radio star Rudy Vallée.

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