Miguel Calo y su Orquesta Tipica

Odeon 30026-AOdeon 30026-B


Miguel Calo y su Orquesta Tipica
Mario Cane, vocal
1948 (Odeon 30026-A mx 17166
Miguel Calo – Tanto]

“Union Civica”
Miguel Calo su Orquesta Tipica
1948 (Odeon 30026-B mx 17167)
Miguel Calo – Union Civica]


Here is a late 1940s Argentine Odeon record featuring two tango recordings by bandoneonist, composer and bandleader Miguel Calo.

I have included images from both sides of the record so you can see the label’s design as well as the advertising sticker that was placed on by the store that sold it.  I assume that Sante Fe refers to Sante Fe, Argentina.

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  1. Luis Contijoch says:

    The address in the label is from Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina. I live a few blocks from this place, long forgotten. The first TV Channels in the City started in early 1960’s, so this label is from that period, but I think the record was bought in a second hand store, because 78’s were no longer available in those days.

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