Bob Crosby’s Bob Cats

Decca 3040-A


“Do You Ever Think Of Me”
Bob Crosby’s Bob Cats
Nappy Lamare, vocal
1940 (Decca 3040 A mx 67172)
Bob Crosby’s Bob Cats – Do You Ever Think Of Me]

“Jazz Me Blues”
Bob Crosby’s Bob Cats
1940 (Decca 3040 B mx 67175)
Bob Crosby’s Bob Cats – Jazz Me Blues]

The Bob Cats were a “band within a band” subset of members of the larger Bob Crosby Orchestra.   The Bob Cats specialized in Dixieland music and brought it back into public attention at a time when such music had fallen out of favor and was regarded as “old fashioned.”

Both of these songs date back to the early 1920s.  “Do You Think Of Me” was composed in 1920 by Earl Burtnett, Harry D, Kerr and John Cooper.  “Jazz Me Blues was composed in 1921 by Tom Delaney.

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  1. Brian says:

    Been searching for this record for years.
    What a wonderful treat!

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