Marion Harris 1924

Brunswick 2672


“Go Emmaline”
Marion Harris
1924 (Brunswick 2672-B)
Marion Harris – Go Emmaline]

“Wanted Someone To Love”
Marion Harris
1924 (Brunswick 2672-A)
Marion Harris – Wanted Someone To Love]

Here are a couple of recordings by Marion Harris who is regarded as the first white female vocalist to sing jazz and blues – something that, at the time, was not considered “respectable” for ladies to do.

I think “Go Emmaline” is a catchy song and it is one that I enjoy hearing different versions of.

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  1. What a voice ! I really like the first one, Go Emmaline ! Thanks !

  2. When Winter Wonderland came out in 1934, Down to the lane lies a mental of white and all the rest did not appeared as the first verse. It became a holiday classic. So do you have songs of chirstmas from the 30s?

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