Isham Jones Orchestra – 1927

Brunswick 3685


“Together We Two”
Isham Jones Orchestra
Keller Sisters, vocal
1927 (Brunswick 3685 A)
Isham Jones Orchestra – Together We Two]

“What’ll You Do?”
Isham Jones Orchestra
Eddie Thomas, vocal
1927 (Brunswick 3685 B)
Isham Jones Orchestra – What’ll You Do]

Here is a nice Isham Jones record that I recently came across while sorting through a box of records I acquired last year.   Both sides feature very peppy arrangements – I especially enjoy the second part of “Together We Two” after the vocal.

The Keller Sisters featured on the vocal of “Together We Two” were Nan and Taddy Keller who, along with their brother Frank Lynch, came to fame on the vaudeville circuits under the billing The Keller Sisters and Lynch.   They also appeared on radio and made occasional recordings with several 1920s era dance bands – the most well-known being the Jean Goldkette recording of “Sunday.”

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